Property Management Removal Services Raleigh, NC

As the owner of Junk Pro Squad in Raleigh NC, I understand the importance of providing top-notch property management junk removal services to our clients. Property managers have a lot on their plates, and one of the biggest headaches is dealing with junk removal. That’s where we come in.

We offer professional, same day JUNK removal services




We offer professional, same day JUNK removal services

We Take Junk Away!


Multi-unit housing Junk removal

One of the most common requests we receive from property managers is for multi-unit housing junk removal. This can include anything from old furniture to broken appliances, and we’re equipped to handle it all. Our team is experienced in safely and efficiently removing these items from multi-unit properties, ensuring that your tenants are happy and your property is looking its best.

Apartment cleanout services

Another popular service we offer is apartment cleanout services. When tenants move out, they often leave behind a lot of junk that can be difficult to dispose of. We specialize in quick and easy apartment cleanouts, leaving your units spotless and ready for new tenants.

Rental Cleanout service

Rental cleanout service is also a top request from property managers. Whether you’re dealing with a long-term rental or a short-term vacation rental, we can help you keep the property clean and junk-free. Our team is available on short notice to handle any rental cleanout needs, ensuring that your property is ready for the next guest or tenant.

Debris Removal service

Debris removal service is another important aspect of property management junk removal. Construction debris, yard waste, and other debris can quickly accumulate on your property, making it look unkempt and unprofessional. We can help you get rid of all of that debris, leaving your property looking clean and tidy.

Eviction Cleanout service

In some cases, eviction cleanout service is necessary. Unfortunately, not all tenants leave a property in good condition when they’re evicted. We understand the sensitivity and urgency of these situations and work quickly to remove all junk and debris from the property, allowing you to move on to the next tenant as soon as possible.

Picture of residential waste from a eviction cleanout service.

24-hour commercial Junk removal services

Finally, we offer 24-hour commercial junk removal services. We understand that property managers need quick and reliable junk removal services, and we’re available around the clock to meet those needs. Whether you’re dealing with a last-minute cleanout or an emergency situation, we’re here to help.

At Junk Pro Squad, we’re committed to providing the best property management junk removal services in Raleigh NC. Our team is experienced, professional, and dedicated to ensuring that your property always looks its best. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your property clean and junk-free.

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